GPS Benefit

Tracking as easy as you go. just open the Global Positioning System ( GPS ) and you’ll find where you are without lose your track.

Benefit in using GPS

  • For Maritime Activities
    Can know the location of the position so as not to enter the sea areas of other countries.
  • Direction
    Driving a vehicle that has never been visited before? do not worry, GPS can also indicate the direction until ketujuan correctly.
  • Mapping
    GPS can also be used as a geographic map of the earth, map making and distance meter.
  • Trackers
    Parked vehicles unsafe? no longer, now it can be installed with GPS jadipun if the vehicle lost, can be known existence easily and simple.

GPS Benefit

GPS Tracker also splits into several types that we can group:

  • Data Recorder
    a GPS that has internal memory will certainly store the data of existence and position we are dmn to be used as one of the ease in recognizing the place. GPS is now also provided memory card slot, or also usb port that is used as an external storage. This data will later be used in the computer to be analyzed. The format used is in extensions GPX, NMEA, KML and etc.
  • Data Pushers
    GPS Data Pushers are the most commonly used GPS to secure valuable items such as vehicles and also possibly humans. GPS Data Pushers transmit position data and where the device is located which has information such as speed, altitude on the server that can accommodate and analyze all data sent.
    In GPS Data Pushers there are also some tools that transmit data with different methods such as mobile phones that transmit positions using sms under the year 2000an and now have used internet signals like GPRS and 4G. To analyze the data required 2 parts of the hardware and also the tracking software to know and analyze the position.
  • Personal GPS
    Personal GPS is commonly used for purposes such as:
    1. Knowing where prisoners are being punished.
    2. Knowing the exact position of race matches like Rat Race, Gliding sport and many more that use speed and long distance.
    3. Track your family, pets and cars.
    4. Track mileage, measure speed and also health in doing sports.
    5. Knowing the position of employees outside the field.
  • Aircraft Trackers
    Aircraft also uses a tracker called ADS-B that uses the Data Pushers work system intended for land-based towers that use Data Pullers to analyze and retrieve data.
  • Covert GPS
    Covert GPS is usually made using a form that resembles everyday items so it does not arouse suspicion.



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August 2022