Emergency Signal

Do Not Have A Signal In A Remote Place?

Do not worry, now you can use Satellite phone to make a call or maybe an emergency call. This phone is connected to a satellite and can be used like a phone in general can make voice calls, SMS and also use the internet.

Satellite phones initially had a decent size and weight around 1980 with a folded antenna. The latest output of this satellite phone is now almost the same as the mobile phone issued now in both size and shape. Satellite phones are typically used for expeditions in remote areas and out-of-hand phone line coverage.

Many use this satellite phone on board, or airplane to make it easier to communicate with the base. The downside of this satellite phone is the lack of signal in the room so it should be close to the window.

But not all countries support the use of this satelitte phone. Here we will give some countries that refuse in the use of satellite phone include:

  • Burma
  • Cuba
  • China
  • India (may only use inmarsat-made satellite phones allowed with usage area limits). This satellite phone shipment must also get approval from custom India.
  • North Korea (in North Korea, there is no such thing as privacy so it is not allowed to use satellite phone).
  • Russia (As a country that prohibits terrorism, Russia prohibits the use of satellite phones and only allows using local SIM cards).

Benefit and Downside using Satellite Phone

Excellence in using satellite phone is able to maintain security and privacy in doing voice chat because it is protected to keep eavesdropping. In 2012, developers have created an algorithm to keep security that is hard to hack.

The downside in using satellite phones is the incredible price. Around 2001 Iridium with type 9505A sold for $ 1000. Satellite phone is also only built using a single network so it can not change the network or other networks.


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August 2022