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How Satellite Television Work

Satellite television channel is one of the television programs that use satellite channels to spread around the world. Signals provided through this satellite can only be captured by a dish-shaped parabolic antenna.

The antenna The parabola then passes the signal it receives and sends it to the decoder section to be able to get what is on the signal. After decode the signal, then this signal redirected to television’s screen for display. Usually satellite television is only used in some areas that lack the signal. But now there are many who use this satellite television to see events – events overseas within a distance of even thousands of kilometers.

Television Satellite Dish

Television Satellite Parabolic Antenna

Frequency of use of this satellite signal is at 12 to 18 GHz. The satellites used in this broadcasting are usually at an altitude of 3700 km above sea level.

Satellite Television Type

There are several types of discs used in capturing satellite signals such as

  • Motor Driven Dish
    Using a dish mounted on the motor and also using the servo to set the proper position to the satellite.
  • Multi Satellite Dish
    This Satellite dish can be used on some satellites without changing the position so it is easy in setting.
  • VSAT
    Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a disc that can be used for the purpose of capturing television channels as well as networks within an organization.
  • Homemade Dish
    This dish uses a crude material that we can find at home like using some objects that can pick up the signal.
Satellite Television Dish

Satellite Television Dish

List Satellite Television Channel

Nowadays there are various satellite television like entertainment program, health, children, local tv broadcast, music, religion, shopping, sport, movie, news and many more. Just choose only broadcast or channel what is wanted and can be used.



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