Iridium Go Aviation Package

iridium Go Aviation package

Satellite Phone Iridium Extreme 9575 Standard Package

Package Includes :

  • Iridium Glass Mount Antenna
  • Iridium Go Package
Price : $ 1,100.00

Service Plan

Name Pay Period Min Duration Voice Call Include Price
Iridium Go Monthly Plan 40 Minutes 1 Month 12 Month 40 Minutes $ 69.99
Iridium Go Monthly Plan 90 Minutes 1 Month 12 Month 90 Minutes $ 109.99
Iridium Go Monthly Plan 250 Minutes 1 Month 12 Month 250 Minutes $ 117.99
Iridium Go Data Unlimited 1 Month 12 Month 150 Minutes $ 159.99

Prepaid Plan

Name Price Valid For
Iridium Go Prepaid 200 Minutes or 400 Minutes Data or 1200 SMS $ 525.00 6 Months
Iridium Go Prepaid 500 Minutes or 1000 Minutes Data or 3000 SMS $ 805.00 1 Year

To use Aviation Weather application from iphone can download AeroPlus on iTunes. Customer must register directly through itunes account. Package does not come with AeroPlus program subscription.

AeroPlus Weather Subscriptions Plan

AeroPlus make an offer at :

  • 12- Month Subscriptions Plan For $ 59.99
  • 3 – Month Subscriptions Plan For $ 29.99

Download the app here.

* The data rate using satellites is slower than the 20 times mobile data usage. This data speed is almost the same as the data rate when used to still crowded using the telephone cable network. Aviation Weather app can be downloaded for approximately 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Safe Using Aircraft

Pilots typically do not get access to the latest weather forecast prior to flight. Not all aircraft have weather detectors. Garmin offers packages for the G1000 to get the right weather forecast in the cockpit. Avidyne also offers a similar program. Now AeroPlus provides datalink to get weather forecasts via iphone by using Iridium Go Plan.

Although Iridium Satellite still does not provide speed in the use of data to see youtube, but this speed is enough to see the weather forecast in just a few minutes. Also can while send SMS or status updates on Twitter. Do not expect to use Iridium for browsing.

Iridium Go can be placed on the dashboard to get a good signal and do not forget to aim the antenna upwards without blocking the sky.

What distinguishes Iridium Go with others?

There are several satellite programs that use Iridium technology. Most use weather forecasts provided by Iridium network. But other devices do not offer to get SMS or call. Iridium Go is the right choice for you.

Weather Data & Voice Call

Can connect with 5 devices via the Iridium Go wifi network and can also make voice calls and get the best weather and route forecast.

Make a Call Using Bluetooth Headset

By using additional accessories such as Bose A20 can reduce the noise and also make the sounds clear from the smartphone. Being able to voice calls over territorial borders to provide information to bases, friends and other uses is a useful plus.

Package Include :

  • Iridium Glass Suction Antenna
  • Iridium Go Package


  • Connect to Android or iphone and make a call over Iridium network
  • Bluetooth Accessories to make a call
  • Receive Call for Free
  • Connect up to 5 users/phone
  • Unlimited Data Plan Available
  • Flexible Plan Options
  • Fast GPS Tracking
  • Waterproof
  • Compact size
  • Support External Antenna


  1. Great!! now i can had a new weather forecast almost every i flight. Thanks…

    • Your welcome, Have a nice day using our product..If you need assistance can call us or fill the form we provide in our contact us page.

  2. Portable and great, before i used isatdock 2 drive, but now i found this is the best and suitable for me. i change using this Iridium go aviation as today.

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