Marine Satellite Intellian I4 & I4P

  • Perfect Fit
  • High Quality Antenna
  • Fast Algorithm
Price : $ 4,795.00
SKU: SPS-10148


The Intellian i4 Antenna System is made to be an excellent suitable for watercrafts over 50ft. With a smooth appearance as well as straightforward installment, having the most effective of satellite tv ends up being a simple repair.

With the integrated in GENERAL PRACTITIONER as well as Intellian \’s copyrighted Variety Look and also Dynamic Beam of light Tilting modern technologies, the i4 as well as i4P are ensured the fastest procurement of the very best offered signal at any type of offered place or weather condition scenario. Intellian is introducing layouts with integrated HD as well as TriSat components, making it possible for accessibility to programs from the leading Satellite Tv service providers. Intellian \’s Antenna Control Device finishes the package, offering you manage over the antenna while offering you with all analysis details.

Completely Automated System

  • Automatic satellite search and also recognition feature.
  • 2-axis action electric motor for adjusting the stand.
  • Excellent Quality Antenna
  • 60cm size of parabola-type antenna for obtaining ~ 12.75 GHz signal.
  • Allowing effective signal gain.
  • Unmatched Dynamic Monitoring
  • Dynamic Beam Of Light by turning reflector with broadband BLDC electric motor.
  • Fastest Browse Formula
  • Wide Variety Look (WRS) formula.
  • Analytical search formula.
  • DVB Signal Recognition
  • Broadband recognition utilizing a DVB decoder.
  • Integrated GPS System
  • Installed GENERAL PRACTITIONER permitting system to post the GPS information instantly right in system.
  • Antenna Control System
  • Easy satellite info modification as well as upgrade.
  • Easy antenna condition check as well as automated medical diagnosis.
  • Easy antenna control utilizing COMPUTER user interface.
  • Dependable power supply to the antenna.
  • Installed HD component and also TriSat feature.

Technical Specs:


  • Measurements (W x H): 19.7″ x 21.2″ (50 centimeters x 54 centimeters).
  • Weight: 25.6 pounds (11.6 kg).
  • Antenna Recipe: 18″ (45 centimeters).


  • Measurements:178 x 217 x 54 mm (7″ x 8.5″ x 2.1″).
  • Weight:1.2 kg (2.6 pounds).
  • ACU (Antenna Control System).
  • Present 2 Line, 20 personality VFD component.
  • Control Secret 5 Integrated Push Buttons.
  • Receiver User Interface 6 USB Ports (USB A Kind).
  • Power Input 9.0 ~ 30.0 V DC (Typ. 30W, Max 50W).
  • GPS User Interface Built-In (NMEA 0183 GPS).
  • Push-button Control User Interface Available.


  • Running Temperature. Regularity:10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz Ku-Band.
  • Ship’s Activity ± 25 ° Roll, ± 15 °
  • Azimuth Variety 680 °. Roll & Pitch Feedback/ Transforming Rate45 °/ 2nd.
  • Altitude Array +0 ° to +90 °.

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